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・Completely Dependable Integrated-Circuil Electrocardiograph LOGOS 91 E.C.G.


Its light weight and compactness make LOGOS 91 the most easily portable electrocardiograph of its kind on the market today.
Our AC/DC Dual Power Source model comes with Rechageable Battery or other external power source according to user's choice and needs.
Large swithches on front panel guarantee easy and mistake-proof operation.The circuit is built in three spearate blocks for trouble-free and easy maintenance.Pen pressure is simply and accurately adjustable.Wave formation clearly recorded for easy reading.


1. Patient Cable 1
2. Limb elecrtode 4
3. Limb electrode strap 4
4. Chest electrode 6
5. Grounding wire 1
6. Power cable 1
7. Recording paper (50mm X 30mm) 1
8. ECG cream 1
9. Patient fuse (5mA) 1
10. Power fuse (0.5A) 1
11. Screw driver 1
12. Pen spanner 1
13. Accessory bag 1
14. Dust cover 1


Leads Standard 12 leads
Calibration 1mv
Input impedance Greater than 12 M ohm
Time constant 3.3 sec. or longer
Frequency 0.05Hz to 75Hz
Responce Within -3dB
Discrimination ratio Greater than 80dB
Linearity within +/-5% at 20mm
Recording method Direct writeing by heated stylus
Sensitivity 5,10 & 20 mm/mV
Paper speed 25 & 50 mm/sec
Patient leakage current Less than 5 micro A with earth opened
CRO 1mV/0.3V
DC IN 0.3V/10mm
Input circuit Less than 1x10^-6
Input Pacemaker Pulse suppression
(defibrilator discharge protection is optional)
Withstand Voltage 2000V AC,more than 1min
Recording paper 50mm width roll paper
Power consumption 10VA
Power Source AC 50/60Hz 100-120V or 220-240V
DC built-in rechargeable 12V battery(1 hour use,8hours charging)
Use of external DC source(12V)
Size and Weight 284x218x114mm 5kgs


Patient cable with defibrillator Discharge protection.

Portable Electrocardiograph LOGOS90

PHOTO: Old-type Portable Electrocardiograph LOGOS-90

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